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It’s been a crazy year, folks. We’ve profiled 56 of the most amazing startups Seattle has to offer and we’re just getting started (seriously, tell your friends:!

I (Stephen) just want to take a minute and thank the amazing coordinators we have at Seattle. Jessica, Koji, Ananda, Matt, and of course Chet have done a killer job finding, profiling, and supporting Seattle’s startups over the past 12 months, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store (some great surprises on the way).

Also, thank you to the Seattle startup community. It is no surprise that you have been so supportive and accepting of our attempt to make Seattle a better place for startups. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Here are some stats on the first 56 companies profiled on Seattle (as of profile date):

56 Startups (55 provided information) and 116 Founders (24% Female) employ 900+ people. By the way, 37 (67%) are still hiring!

36 Startups raised $105,179,000+ (9 Withheld amount raised), while 19 bootstrapped.

Though the average startup we’ve profiled is about 3 years old2 startups were acquired since being profiled on Seattle (Decide and Clipboard, our first two profiles).

Quick Note On Expansion

You might have noticed that we’ve redesigned our global site ( and expanded to Atlanta. This is an exciting time for our site! Keep an eye out for our launches in DC, Portland, NYCHouston, and Austin very soon.

Thanks for supporting Seattle area startups!
– Stephen & Your ‘ Seattle’ Coordinators
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