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What is Tred?

We allow car shoppers to test drive new and compare new cars from the comfort of their home or office. We also help them negotiate great new car and trade in pricing.

What’s your traction been like thus far?

Since launching last June, we have seen very steady growth.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you started Tred?

Revenue > Volume

What’s a hypothesis that you’ve had that has failed? And how did you respond?

Early on we believed that shoppers were passionate about car configuration and feature selection. When we tested that hypothesis, we found that it wasn’t true for most customers. What we did find is a lot of shopper pain centered around physically being at the dealership. That’s when the lightbulb went off – cars are mobile, so why not take them to the shoppers?

What’s your favorite startup in Seattle? (Besides your own!)

I like so many! Apptentive, Bizible, MobileDevHQ, Likebright, Remitly, Wired, ResolutionTube, Shippable, BigDoor, Cheezburger, Rival IQ, Code Fellows…

What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

The pace of learning.

What’s your favorite local sports team?
Daaaaaa Hawks.

If your company were an animal, what would it be and why?

A stork, because storks deliver important cargo to your doorstep.

If you were to take your company on a date, where would it want to go? Why?

Fascinating question. Daytona 500?

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