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What is Content Runner?
Content Runner is a marketplace designed to bring together users and writers to create unique written content. Set your own price on Content Runner and only allow approved writers to work on your projects. All writers on Content Runner are based in the US and have fully transparent profiles with: pictures, social profiles, bios, education and writing samples. Content Runner will help you manage your projects in one location, pay writers for you and best of all it’s free, there’s no cost for an account!

What’s your traction been like thus far?

We are off to a great start, since launching publicly in November, 2013 we have almost 600 writers and over 325 users signed up.

What’s a hypothesis that you’ve had that has failed? And how did you respond?

We thought that if we built a marketplace we needed that other people would have similar issues and acquiring users would be a snap. That was incorrect as our core problems were only a subset of the issues other users had. We also learned it’s better to cater to your power users than try to be everything to everyone.

What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

I like the challenge of building a company and creating something valuable for other people. Our goal is to build a writing platform that allows writers to showcase their talents and gives them

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