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What is Authorgraph?
Authorgraph is a service that lets authors sign e-books for readers. That’s the company on the surface, but beyond that Authorgraph is a service that helps authors engage with their current readers and hopefully discover new ones.

What’s your traction been like thus far?
I’ve actually seen pretty good response from the author community. There are several thousand authors that are signed up for it and most have them have signed between on low end just a handful of authorgraphs, on the high end several thousand authorgraphs. We have quite an active reader community as well. To date, most of my focus has been on attracting the authors and I’m now shifting my attention to getting more readers involved.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you started Authorgraph?
One of the big misconceptions about startups is that you have this world changing vision and it’s always so crystal clear. You just work on that and have single minded focus on that vision. The reality of it is that you have a vague notion about a space and you think there’s some opportunity to innovate there and you kind of work your way around for a little bit before you really sort of hone in on what it is that you can do better or differently than someone else. Even though I’ve sort of stayed consistent to my original idea, original feature, the way I think about it has evolved quite a bit. I understand more what the needs of authors are now, I understand where I can be helpful, and so just knowing that my thinking about the idea would evolve would have been something that I would have liked to have known at the beginning.

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