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Started In Seattle is an independent and in-depth directory of all things startup in Seattle. Our mission: to give tech fans and prospective employees an inside look into startups in the Seattle area. (Hold us to this!) Where did they come from? Where are they going? Which office, coffee shop or alleyway are they working in? Who inspires them to be great? These are the things that are exciting to us, and we hope they’re exciting to you as well.

Started In Seattle was founded in March and launched in April of 2013 by Stephen Medawar and Chet Kittleson. Was it something the two had been dreaming of doing together since childhood? Not exactly. Before the site was born, the two had only met once or twice through shared connections at random tech meetups. One rainy Seattle day, the two met for lunch at Norm’s in Fremont and two burgers and an hour later, Started In Seattle was born. Boom. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a growing hunger to be a part of something that enabled the two to be creative while growing in the startup community, it was agreed that Started In Seattle was just what they were looking for. Did I say boom?

Interested in learning a little more about these two? See below for the juicy juice. (Not the gum.)

Chet Kittleson – Co-Founder

Chet Kittleson

I’ve been engaged in the Seattle startup space for the past few years and I have no plans of exiting anytime soon. I currently work as a Regional Manager for Up Global, formerly Startup Weekend, and love being able to connect with entrepreneurs all over the world. (Somehow I get paid for it!) I love the learning and the leanness that comes with being a part of a young company. Thus far, Started In Seattle has been an unbelievably fun thing to work on, and I hope to continue to help bring pride to building great things here in Seattle. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll even make a buck or two!

I’m going to be a little bit cliche here.. You ready for it? My favorite thing to do, and I mean this, is camping/hiking. Hard to believe right? Nobody from the Pacific Northwest says they like either of these things. My wife and I try to get off the grid several times throughout the year, primarily in the summer of course, and there’s something incredibly special about leaving the computer at home and allowing the phone to die. Beyond that, I love meeting new people, especially those that are passionate about what they’re working on.

Stephen Medawar – Co-Founder

Stephen MedawarI am a husband, father, Husky (UW Business School), Sonics fan, Lebanese, startup enthusiast, entrepreneur, and Seattleite. I am the founder of Jobferral.com and have previous experience in recruiting (Microsoft & Founded and sold CareerPaths NW). I have been an entrepreneur since I was very young. In fifth grade I started reselling pogs and beanie babies. By junior high, I had tens of thousands of dollars per year in sales (not bad for a 12 year old). I look forward to meeting and profiling all of the amazing startups in the Seattle area.

Koji Intlekofer – Coordinator

Koji IntlekoferI began my startup journey in graduate school, developing technology that enables shared bikes. I’m a Y-Combinator alum with a background in mechanical engineering and mechatronics and often feel out of place with my developer peers. I’m working hard to improve my coding skills, but dang it, building physical stuff is just too damn satisfying. After nearly a decade of moving all over the country I decided to return to my hometown of Seattle to absorb all the rain and craft cocktails as I can endure.  I always enjoy talking shop with other startup folks, and interacting with positive-thinking and ambitious people.



Anand Mariappan – Coordinator

Anand Mariappan

Currently, I work as a software developer for Microsoft and have been in the Seattle area for a little under 5 years now. Reading and learning more about start-ups and understanding what drives them to success is something I am very passionate about. I am excited about this opportunity to talk to the start-ups that were born here and bring their stories to you!

When I am not in front of a computer reading blogs and tech news or working, I enjoy biking, hiking and playing racquet sports. I also love travelling, visiting new places, meeting new people and building new relationships. If there’s one quote I try to live my life by it’s this: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life!”



Matt Gamboa – Coordinator

Matt Gamboa

Born in Japan, raised in Hawaii, I’ve grown up experiences a lot of different cultures. When I moved to Seattle, I got the entrepreneurial itch after doing stints at Microsoft and BlackBerry. Reading all the news about Silicon Valley, following Boy Genius Report, TheNextWeb, TechFlash, and Mashable got me revved about creating my own company.

I co-founded QThru, a mobile self checkout solution that was disrupting mobile payments in the grocery store. After 2 1/2 years, I started another venture called ModBox, your personal stylist in a box that was delivering the style of your icons to your doorstep. I love working with other entrepreneurs and meeting great people looking to change the world.


Jessica Pak – Coordinator

What fascinates me most about entrepreneurs is their relentless, perhaps even stubborn, dedication to bring ideas to life. Entrepreneurship is a challenge and sacrifice.  I admire those who have the courage to follow their dreams.

Currently, I am an events management consultant and journalist—which means you can either find me at home during the day in my pajamas sipping tea and writing (or, more likely, cursing my Excel budget sheets) and at the KING 5 station in the evenings. I’m a UW graduate (Go Dawgs!), former F5 Networks/Nintendo of America employee and a Cheeto-obsessed amateur-Crossfitter that laughs incessantly.

In my spare time, I tutor student-athletes at the University of Washington, volunteer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and am feverishly working away at Bucketlist Goal #1: eat my way around the world.

Say hello at jessipak@gmail.com! 

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